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In Bilingual Families of SJ we focused on enforcing and boosting the Spanish skills of our children and showing them the amazing diversity of the Hispanic culture. We also incorporate mindfulness techniques, sciences, maths and we help children develop and control the 9 functions of the prefrontal cortex (body regulation, attuned communication, emotional balance, response flexibility, empathy, self-knowing awareness, fear modulation, intuition and morality).

But our commitment with the community goes a step further!

  • We offer Introduction to Spanish to children between 0 and 5 years old.
  • We work with the libraries around. Thanks to BFSJ, the Collingswood Library offers now a wider range of English/Spanish bilingual books, and we have met the Community Outreach responsible for Cherry Hill Library and suggested her more Spanish resources for the community. We have organized Spanish playdates and free classes for over one year in Collingswood (The Nesting House and Collingswood Library) and Merchantville (Trinity Methodist Church) too.

We are looking for opportunities to collaborate with the community and promote the Spanish, as well as raising awareness and understanding of the Latin and Hispanic culture.