Meet Mrs. Ortiz, our new Spanish teacher!

My name is Yesenia Ortiz, I am the new spanish toddler teacher. I am anticipating great things for our class and can’t wait to meet you all. Being able to sow a seed in a child , while building them in becoming bilinguals is a tremendous opportunity to partake in.
I was born in Puerto Rico , but was raised in Buffalo, NY. During my elementary years I attended a bilingual school which allowed me to be fluent in both spanish and English . As I grew older, I realized the benefits in being bilingual. Today, I am mother of three beautiful children, and work very hard to maintain the native language at home. The need of building bilingual students has motivated me to pursue this career. I am a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University and have attained my bachelors in Science and Elementary. Teaching has been a passion of mine for many years, it is a privilege to have made it this far.
Let’s make the best out of this school year!
Mrs Ortiz

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