Meet Anyolina Fajardo, our Spanish teacher for Spanish as a Second Language!

Dear parents,

My name is Anyolina Fajardo, and I am the new Spanish teacher of Spanish as a Second Language class which started in September. I am very happy and grateful of being part of the Bilingual Families of SJ community.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am from Dominican Republic and I am the mother of two beautiful teenager daughters. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Rutgers University. I am K-12 certified and this is my 10th year in the teaching field. I taught pre-k-6th at Oaklyn Public Schools. Currently, I am teaching k-4th at Pennsauken Elementary Schools. I love teaching Spanish, especially to little ones. It is very rewarding for me to teach Spanish to our future generation as their second or third language.

I know the importance of being a second language learner because I am myself. I believe that learning a second language open doors and I am an example of it. Be able to live in a foreign country gave me the courage and inspiration of becoming a teacher. I remember that when I was little I wanted to help people. Becoming a teacher was the best way to pursue my dreams. I am aware that it is not easy to learn a language but I believe you will success if you put the mind, the heart and the dedication.

I am thrilled of working with you and your children. Thank you very much for letting me teach Spanish to your children.


Anyolina Fajardofoto

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