Bilingual Families of SJ is a non-profit based in Haddonfield. We offer Spanish at an affordable price, and taught by certified teachers. Sign up your children up for a full immersion experience! Spring semester starts February 2nd. Spots normally fill up quickly!

Please select your option:


  • Spanish as a second language: Full price per semester per child: $165 . There is a 25% discount for second child and a  50% discount for third child. You can pay here online (additional charges apply for online payment).

                                                           Table of prices for Spring 2019

                                                            Price for first child is $165 (just $11/class!). Pay here

                                                             First and second children are $289 (that is $9.6/class!). Pay here

                                                               First, second and third children are $372 (that is $8.3/class!). Pay here

  • Drop in : $15/class (You can pay in class). Not available at this time.

See you in class!



Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.